Singing Tips with Linda Etukudo#22

for you to be able to sustain a note for a long time, you need to take in enough air , and then release the air slowly as you sustain. you can only do this if you have mastered the breathing technique.

Linda Etukudo@just thinking out loud.

Why are we so not satisfied with what we have? No matter how awesome what we have is, we still want to envy what the other person has. You are married or dating a very awesome guy or lady, but you keep seeing what someone else is doing that your own partner is not doing.what about what your partner is doing that the other persons partner is not doing.lets remember that no two people are the same , neither are two relationships the same.make the best out of what you’ve got and choose to be happy!

Is she or he my right fit?

It saddens me when I see young people throwing their happiness away because they make the mistake of marrying someone that is not their right fit.The signs are always there , open your eyes! If you refuse to open them BEFORE , I can assure you they will open on their own AFTER